Friday, August 26, 2011

Skirts and Shirts

My friend had a really easy pattern that two of her girls had already made a skirt with. We decided it would be fun for each of the girls to make their own skirts. We took them to Joanne's so they could each pick their favorite fabric. We also decided since we have several upcoming field trips, to grab shirts that all matched. To make the shirts more fun, the kids each picked out their own iron-on design. Tuesday night, I played around with the pattern and made Dragonfly's skirt. I wanted to make sure I knew the pattern so that I could easily teach it to my other three.
 I went ahead and cut out Butterfly and Ladybug's fabric but allowed them to be as involved as they wanted with sewing their skirts together. I was really surprised with how well they both did. They had great control over the pedal and were eager learners.
 PF went solo for this project. I tried to assist very little so that she could really become a more confident independent seamstress.

 Ladybug's finished skirt.

 Dragonfly's skirt will certainly be worn for many years to come.
Three of my beautiful girls with finished shirts and skirts.

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