Saturday, August 27, 2011

Diving into a Good Book

On Saturday, we headed to the local library. I was so impressed by how big it was. I loved our library in MD and was constantly checking out stacks of books. Our NC library is much smaller and we use it a lot less. I really enjoyed walking into a huge library again....packed with SOOOO many books. They had a great children's section. The kids all grabbed books and sat in the window seats to read. I was able to head upstairs to check out the adult selection. After making soap the other day, I wanted to see if they had books on herbs and gardening. I was not disappointed. I found some other interesting books as well.

The girls found books on cats...possible selected all the books on cats the library had. We checked out so many books that my friend had to use more than one library card. The kids have been curling up on bean bags and reading the books they checked out. PF has even written a report on cats without even being asked. I love that my kids enjoy reading so much!

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