Thursday, August 25, 2011

Burger Competition

My friend and I really love the show Chopped. We decided it would be fun to have the kids compete against each other to make the best burger. We set out over a dozen spices and condiments to choose from and let the kids decide the rest. I am sure it won't shock anyone....made a chocolate burger. (unfortnunently hers was the least favorite)

 PF made a taco burger. Butterfly made a basic burger with ketchup and mustard. Dragonfly made a peanut butter and jelly burger (she ate all of hers before any of us could try it so my guess is that it was really good) My second kids made really creative burgers as well. My favorite was the sweet burger made by J. C's burger was pretty tasty as well. W's burger had everything but the kitchen sink in his.
 We had quite the adventure and scare getting the charcoals lit. We first started with newspaper...what we normally use at home with a charcoal chimney. Well right after we lit the paper, the wind blew and newspaper went flying into the air. Praise the Lord they landed on the grass and we could quickly put them out. Random objects on fire flying around in CA is quite the safety hazard. But after we safely lit the grill, we gave J a lesson on grilling hot dogs.
 Burgers being grilled along with steaks for the moms.
 Add in some yummy fresh from the garden veggies for a perfect grill day.
 Ready for the taste test.
 Despite the craziness of some of the burgers, everyone cleaned their plate.
The grill master!

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