Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sense of smell and taste

I had a bunch of leftover science kits from previous years of science curriculum. We planned a science experiment day so what better time to try and use these kits up. After looking through them all, there were only a few that the younger kids could participate in and understand fully what we were doing. So we set out to test their sense of smell and taste. The sample packs that came with the kit all smelled like pepper so we headed to the pantry for a better selection. Samples included: peppermint, cumin, orange, pepper, coffee, ginger and cocoa powder. C did excellent and got all but one. The little ones had very creative responses. The best was W saying the orange was soap cleaning stuff. I didn't have as many willing volunteers for the tasting of salt, lemon, cocoa powder and powdered sugar. PF made some awesome faces and then W took each cup and sipped and then proceeded to spit back into each cup. That might account for the lack of participation.

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