Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pancake Breakfast

 Some days, we enjoy having a relaxed morning. By this I mean that I allow my children to wake up and come downstairs on their own. Most of the time, I still wake up to my alarm and have a quiet moment and then prepare for the day. These are the days that PF wants to make breakfast. This particular morning, I really wanted to give her the control over the kitchen. She decided what to make and did it. I only made one small suggestion but otherwise let her learn from doing it and following directions.
 She decided on pancakes and added chocolate chips. She even divided up the pancakes on plates and put the plates on the table. She also set the table and had everything ready before calling her sisters to the table.
They were quite tasty. She confessed to me later that she put in double the amount of sugar. Given that the recipe only called for a tablespoon....I didn't think two tablespoons was a big deal. I will make sure when she is making a recipe that calls for a cup that she doesn't double that!

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