Friday, August 19, 2011

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

 We made it to CA all in one piece and excited to be with our friends. Since we were already down in LA, we decided to take a field trip to the pier. We wanted to check out the aquarium. We walked the pier first looking for the aquarium and then when we found it, we had an hour to kill before it opened.
 The kids entertained themselves on the playground equipment near by.

 I really liked the size of the monkey bars because so many of the kids could reach.
 We were excited to have the aquarium open and check out all the sea life. They offer identification sheets for all the sea life in the aquarium. The girls loved searching for each one.
 There was a touch tank. I was surprised that Dragonfly loved touching everything.
 Dragonfly made a seahorse craft.
 Excited to have found something on her sheet.

My favorite tank was the one holding the shark eggs. It was incredible to see the sharks swimming inside of the eggs.

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