Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Switched on Schoolhouse

PF started 5th grade this week using SOS. It is a computer based curriculum which is what we were looking for, for this year. This curriculum has had its challenges already but we are working out the issues and pushing forward. So far I am really liking it and we have gained a new level of structure. I believe I will gain a better idea of how PF is doing on her is nice to be reassured.

To answer another question you may be asking....yes we started the new school year in June. We will be moving at the end of July and then finishing the move in the fall according to when we find a house. We tried taking a break last summer and that backfired so we are working at a lighter pace and taking breaks when necessary this year.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When it Rains We Get Cookin

Its raining, and we are pouring and mixing and learning new things. PF finished her basic curriculum for 4th grade and now we have time to work on other subjects such as Home Economics.

Colonial Corn Chowder (We are also studying Felicity's time with the American Girl Studies).

Cinnamon Crusties...learned how to use a pastry cutter.

The final product

Oven fried chicken.....learning to coat.

Chocolate Chip Cookie bars.....learning to sift.

We had an awesome dinner tonight after PF worked really hard to make it. Yesterday we made homemade granola, split pea soup and oatmeal muffins. The soups have hit the spot since the temps have dropped with all the rain. We all needed alittle comfort food.

Dragonfly enjoyed eating too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashcard Games

I have been helping PF improve her speed with multiplication. We used the flashcards the other day and had alot of fun with them.
I have no real names for the games so I will just describe them.

1. Jumping from card to card- She would jump from one card to the other while answering quickly.
2. Then we raced each other to answer first. Kinda like a war type game.
3. Mother may I- She answered the problem....if it was right she got to take a step forward, if wrong two steps back.

We played other games but I can't remember them now.

Special Lunch

The girls helped to make a special spring lunch. We had heart shaped sandwiches and fruit kabobs with dip. Butterfly and Ladybug worked on patterns while putting the fruit on the stick.

Me Too!!

Dragonfly really wants to be part of the action. She writes on anything so it is best if I find something she is allowed to write on. She loves to scribble.

Celebrating Spring

Butterfly made a bunny hat and a flower bag at preschool.


I need to focus some time on PF and Ladybug needed an activity. I just found another roll of blue tape so we did a quick lesson in shapes as we made them on the floor and then she practiced throwing puff balls into the shapes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mount Vernon

It was windy!

We took a field trip to Mount Vernon. The property is wonderful and their museum is awesome. PF is learning Americian History so this is an excellent place to go to reinforce what she is learning hands on.

Easter Baskets

My mom came up last week. She always brings something for the girls to work on. This time it was Easter baskets made with fabric. They weaved different fabric strips around the paper model. I realized I didn't take a picture of the final product so I will add that later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Egg Painting

Butterfly made an egg painting in art class. Don't ask me why she is making the face she is.

Heart Jello

since we were working on the heart today and ladybug needed something to occupy her time while PF did her projects, I decided to let Ladybug make red jello that we could cut out little hearts from.

Respiratory and Cardiovascular systems

cut out of the lungs and trachea.

homemade stethoscope.

model of the blood being pumped from the heart to the body and back to the heart.

making blood

a model of the lungs and diaphragm

testing out how much air is expelled during exhalation.
Today PF and I worked on experiments for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. We had so much fun and learned while being hands on. The ideas for these experiments came from the Noeo curriculum we used for science.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PJ Pants

PF and I finally got time to finish the PJ pants. They were actually really easy considering our sewing skill. The sewing machine was the biggest struggle but after we got it figured out and working properly the pants were done in no time.

Weaving Pot Holders

The girls made pot holders using a few kits that we got for Christmas. This helped the girls practice patterns and fine motor skills.


These are some other ways we have used the placemats.

Jump Rope

The public school on base is doing jump roping in gym class so I thought we would do the same. PF had a friend over and we practiced different types of jump roping. This was really good for learning rhythm as well.

Placement Testing

After to talking to several people and doing alittle more research, I have decided to go with Switched on Schoolhouse for PF next year (or I should say to start in June). Last week PF completed the placement tests for the curriculum. Since we were switching curriculum, I didn't want to just assume that she could just move ahead in case their curriculum is significantly different from the one we are using. I am excited that she placed right on track and she will be starting 5th grade!

Currently she has 4 weeks left of her Language Arts, History, and Science. After these 4 weeks we will be working on "projects", foreign language, art, music and improving speed on math drills until June. Yes, we will be doing school this summer!

Why?: We took last summer off and we really lost focus which made starting school back up that much harder. We also like to take long breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we tend to travel or want to have time to do fun things and enjoy the holidays.


The OT suggested to make name place mats for the girls to roll out play dough and form each letter. Not only did they form their names but spent the next hour making other shapes and designs. I also made number cards for them to use.

I'm Ready!

Dragonfly likes to pretend she is doing schoolwork. I find her all the time with a pencil in hand and a notebook or workbook. I wonder what she thinks she is doing...probably just copying her sisters.

Science curriculum as a side note is Noeo curriculum plus alot more misc stuff.