Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gull Wings Children's Museum

Tuesday after lunch, we took all the kids to Oxnard's Gull Wings Children's Museum. It is a fairly small museum but there is plenty for the kids to explore.
 J gives patient Dragonfly tickle medicine.
 Dragonfly learning about all the parts of the body.
 This car was a big hit. I believe the car was in the state it is in to show kids in inner workings of the car. The engine was exposed as well as the insides of each door and several other things.
 J is looking forward to getting to drive in a few years....a glimpse into the future.
 The happy passengers.
 The cutest little driver!

 I really like this section. The kids can dig for fossils. The dirt is actually brown rubber pieces. After digging up a fossil they can identify the bones on the field guide. Dragonfly had a lot of fun here.

 Practicing to be EMTs.
 Butterfly rescues her friend and drags her to the hospital.
In the play restaurant. Butterfly was the cashier and Ladybug worked the kitchen. I think all of the kids really enjoyed themselves. There were several other exhibits that I didn't get any pictures of. We plan to go again so there is always next time!

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