Sunday, August 21, 2011

Horseback Riding Lesson 1

 At the end of a very steep drive, we arrived at a horse ranch where the girls got to experience their first horseback riding lesson. The views from the ranch were incredible and the homes in view were massive.
 Each girl started by picking out a pair of boots and preparing their horse for the ride.

 PF had the biggest smile on her face during the ride.
 We took lessons in two different shifts, while not taking lessons the other kids chased the kittens and hung out on the gate watching those who were taking their lesson.

 Ladybug wanted to ride this horse so bad. She went on and on about it. Surprise Surprise...she had many many questions to ask about the horses.
 Don't they look so sweet together!

 All set to happy!
 Butterfly picked out leopard print...she looked so fancy.
 Our matching girls.
 Ladybug was so vocal during her lesson. She said that her horse was very bouncy. Butterfly enjoyed the lesson but was so nervous and kept herself from cracking a smile.

They all had a great first lesson. So glad we have a couple more before leaving CA. PF is going to be well prepared for her week with Aunt Laura and her five horses!

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