Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Atlanta History Museum

I always enjoy when we get a chance to explore a little while we are in Georgia visiting family. This time we took B10 with us to the Atlanta History Museum. It worked out that the military gets into this museum for free. Our first stop was the exhibit for the 1996 Olympics. I remember when Atlanta was picked for to host. It was exciting to see Atlanta change in preparation for the Olympics.

 I waited on the side of the street near Stone Mountain with friends until the torched passed by us. This was the torch that was carried by us.
 There was a part of a running track that the kids got to race each other on.
 Only thing missing was the National Anthem.

 I traded hat pins in Centennial park during the Olympic games. This is what the park looked like.

 We saw many interesting exhibits about the civil war and the rebuilding of Atlanta. Then we headed outside to tour the gardens.
 This was a great playhouse. There were several rooms and another building that represented the garage.

 Atlanta then and now.
We finished the day with a picnic before heading home.

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Lone Butterfly said...

B10 had SUCH a blast! Love that ya'll had the chance to spend the day together AND do something educational. Thanks for including him. Love ya'll!