Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Book List

1. BSLS Karen, Hanni, and Nancy: The Three Musketeers by Ann Martin
2. BSLS Karen's Mystery by Ann Martin
3. Elephants by Sally Morgan
4. Tigers by Sally Morgan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

These Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have been crazy. We have been in several different states...AL, GA, NC, SC, VA, and MD. We have had many events taking up our time......OCS graduation and commissioning, Thanksgivings, Baby shower, family visits, movies, planning to move and much more. It is during this time that I am so grateful for our decision to homeschool. I don't have to worry about the kids missing school because we can take school on the road with us. I packed two small boxes of homeschool books that we took to my parent's house and did school there for two weeks. We did take some time off but even during the time off from the books, the girls were still learning. I have managed to keep PF right on schedule with her work and she should be done with this "semester" in time for her week of Christmas break. Butterfly and Ladybug have taken the last week off and won't start officially back until after Christmas. Since their curriculum isn't mandatory right now, I have the flexibility to do that with them.

These are a few pictures of the girls doing schoolwork in the "Tiger room" at my parent's house. They call it that because it has an animal theme to it.

Dragonfly fit in alittle PE. She threw everything out of the box and climbed up in it. She was content to sit in the box while I worked with her sisters.
We will be back into the full swing of things after our Christmas break and especially focused after we move to our new house. I might fit in a few special things before Christmas break and the move are over.