Thursday, December 20, 2012

Polar Express Day

Our second planned fun day was a Polar Express theme. Again thanks to pinterest, I had many fun ideas. My sister created a few of her own. We started with everyone decorating boxes to create a train to sit in while watching the movie.
PF did a great job decorating the front of the train.
Then each of the kids decorating a stirring stick for the hot chocolate they would have later on.

When we got to the part of the movie, where the kids were served hot chocolate, we paused the movie and all the kids came upstairs to have their own hot chocolate.

Following the movie, we had sugar cookies for the kids to cut out, bake, and decorate.
Dragonfly ate quite a bit of the dough as she went along.
Ladybug lasted until the very end with the cookie decorating. She was covered in flour!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grinch Day

 I was having so much fun on pinterest finding fun things to during December. I came across several fun themed activities for the movie "The Grinch who Stole Christmas". I thought this would be a perfect thing to do while visiting family in GA. My sister was on board as well. We made Grinch cookies, Grinch fruit kabobs, rice crispy treat trees, and Grinch punch!

 The kids each got to decorate their own tree with M&Ms and sprinkles.

 Evan skipped the decorating and went straight to eating.

 After all the snacks were ready and decorated, we headed down to the basement for the movie. I have always loved the cartoon so that was the one we watched.
I did have worksheets for the kids to do following the movie but they were having so much fun with their cousins that I didn't want to bother with having any extra work. I figured it was more important to have play time and soak up the sun outdoors.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In American Heritage Girls, the girls just started earning the dance badge. Today they were exposed to Irish dancing and ballet. They all absolutely loved Irish dancing. I will be looking into classes they can take this winter. I have always wanted my girls to be interested in Irish dancing so I am very excited!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Story Starter

Grammy pulled the last tray of cookies out of the oven when suddenly........

PF: ......a cat ran on top of them followed by a barking monster who grabbed a dozen cookies. Poor Grammy had to start all over again because the left over cookies were covered in dirt from the monster and cat. She was about to throw them away when she had an idea. She stuck them in the blender with lots of bird seed and blended it. When it was done Grammy threw it outside for the birds and then she hid in a bush. Birds came along and started eating when all of a sudden their feathers fell off and they floated up like balloons.

Butterfly:....there was a knock. Grammy opened the door. A little boy was on the porch. He started to say good afternoon my name is Russell but before he could say the rest Grammy asked Russell if he would like a cookie. Russell said "yes please". Grammy stuffed the cookies in Russell's mouth. She said good-bye. Russell didn't say good-bye because his mouth was too full.

Ladybug:.....there was a monster at the door. The monster took all the cookies. Grammy tried to get them but the monster ate them before she could.

Dragonfly:......a monster came and put all the cookies in his mouth.

Tree Project

 For our day 3 activity, we did our best to make paper strip trees. They didn't exactly come out looking like the best trees but it was a great activity to learn measurement, longer and shorter.
Everyone agreed that PF's  looked like a Christmas bell instead of a tree.