Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Activities

I am so excited for a new month and to pull out the heart related activities. Dragonfly and I had been in Target this past month and found some really fun Valentine items.

I found a heart shaped mixing bowl that will be our sensory bucket for this month. I have a few different things to put in it but for this week it is filled with little plastic hearts. I also found heart shaped measuring cups. Dragonfly had the best time filling the cups and putting a plastic heart in each heart shaped spot in the ice cube tray.

The other ice cube tray that we have, I filled with a numbered heart. Dragonfly counted out the correct number of red beads into each heart.

Another counting activity using form hearts.

Heart Matching. This was a little tricky for Dragonfly but I am sure she will catch on to the difference quickly.
Thank you to a fellow homeschooling mom who posted some great worksheets that we enjoyed today. Click HERE to print your own sheets.

V is for valentine. Dragonfly used a valentine stamp to fill in each dot.

Cutting between the Love stamp. Dragonfly loves to cut so she was really excited to have a cutting activity today.

She needed very little help today. I love to watch her develop this new skill.
We had a very successful first day of February. Can't wait to spend the whole month talking about love. Most importantly God's love for us!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Great idea to number the hearts of the ice cube tray!! Kerri

The Popes said...

I love the Dollar Spot for activities! I missed these ones. I'll have to head over there for our Valentines Day week!

Great ideas. Love that you didn't overcomplicate anything!