Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Saturday

We started our morning very early with a cheer leading game.

Waiting for PF's game. I brought workbooks/worksheets to keep the girls minds busy. Butterfly and Ladybug are excited that they are nearing the end of their phonics books.

Dragonfly's 10. I am so excited that she is starting to understand writing numbers and letters.

PF's cheer leading game.

We came home to an awesome surprise. Grammy and Papa sent a valentine box for us all. I got a CFA gift card (a night off from cooking!). The girls received panties (always a plus), socks, hairbrushes, some heart die cuts and some snacks. Surprises boxes are so much fun!

Then we headed to a friend's house to make Valentine's and decorate heart cookies. We have such a great community where we live and I love that we all take turns hosting a fun event for our kids.

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