Friday, February 4, 2011

School Bullying

This is a topic that just bothers me. It bothers me more that my girls have had to endure such pointless hatred. Why kids are so cruel to one another is beyond me?!

PF came home from school yesterday in tears because a girl in her class has been picking on her relentlessly. The bullying started when PF sat down at lunch to a lunch with no meat in it. PF packs her own lunch and she is in charge of what she eats. She loves that we are eating healthy and is excited each night when she packs her box. The girl at school does not approve of her choices and calls PF out on it. Yesterday PF hid behind her binder to eat her lunch so she wouldn't be picked on. This didn't help and the girl got other girls to join in with her. The bullying continued on the bus ride home. Butterfly tried to stand up for her sister today and was picked on too.

So if you want to know why I prefer homeschooling, this is just one of the reasons. Education should not be attached to fear. Children should learn in a loving and nurturing environment. I am counting down the weeks until my girls are back home....17 weeks to go!

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Lone Butterfly said...

OH NO! That makes me so angry and mean girls can be awful! I hate this for PF and I can't wait for her to be at home.

I feel horrible for the teachers that can't BE everywhere at once, and I hope that they are able to step in quickly to resolve the issue. Give her a hug from Mummy Butterfly.