Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reading Fun Day

This is the second year that we have attended our mall's Reading Fun Day. All the local elementary schools set up a booth with a theme. Some booths have crafts, some of snacks but all of them have books they read to the kids that relate to their theme.

As you start the adventure, you receive a passport that gets punch at every station. After you have 4 punches, you receive a free book. This year selection of books was really good. I will enjoy reading the girls' selections to them.

Our first stop was the Circus Train. The girls made a clown craft.

Then we hopped on over to the Dinosaurs Once Lived Here booth. The girls made a dinosaur puppet.

There were dinosaur skeletons made out of milk jugs. They looked awesome!


Tiger puppets.

Like most malls, ours has a spot with a bunch of kiddie rides. PF thought it was funny that she was too big for this one. She really has grown!

The Wild Dance. I loved this set up of Olivia.

Then we ran into some of our friends. The littlest is so precious. This is the first time that PF has been able to meet this precious little girl and she just melted at the opportunity to hold her.

All the girls!

Read your Lion's Share. Not sure why this station was called this since both the books the read were about chameleons.
I didn't get pictures at every station but they were all packed full of fun. We have origami books and a 3 little pigs project to work on at home one of these days. A reading fun day was perfect considering it has been raining for the last 3 days. I am ready for some sun and some time outside!

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