Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing Creative

So the past week of preschool has been on the boring side. At least when it comes to blogging about it, it has been boring. We have done nothing worth taking pictures of.....nothing creative. There has been a lot of business that I have had to take care of this past week so Dragonfly has been working on worksheets and watching the following educational movies: Leapfrog Words, Leapfrog Letters, Number Circus and Dolch Sight Words. She has also been playing with a lot of the manipulatives that we have as well. Her favorites are pop-beads, magnet dolls, counting bears and building links.

Dragonfly has also been learning a lot about just life in general. We have had some really beautiful days which we spent playing outside. Warm weather after the cold days of winter is such a treat and we like to enjoy every minute of them. Today Dragonfly went with me as I stocked up at the Commissary. We got to talk about fruits and veggies. This carried us into a conversation of what is healthy and what is not (This is a huge topic at our house right now). She loved being my big helper. Then we came home and prepared dinner for a friend. She loved watching but wasn't as interested in helping me cook.

So although, I haven't been overly creative with her education this past week, she has not lacked educational experiences.

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