Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Box Making Party

The girls' homework this weekend was to make a box for Valentine's day. My friend and I were talking about what we were doing for the evening and I talked about needing to get these boxes done. Her daughter needed to do the same. So we ended up throwing together a box making/dinner/movie evening. I really love unplanned things like this and we had so much fun!

My friend had some wrapping paper which we wrapped the boxes in. I don't know why I have never thought of wrapping paper for something like this before. We have always painted or covered the boxes in construction paper. Wrapping paper was so much easier. I guess I just have in my mind that wrapping paper is for gifts but now I will start thinking of some other uses for it.

Dragonfly didn't have a box but she got to play around with glue for the first time and put dots all over her paper and then cut squares to stick on her dots.

After the boxes were complete and bellies were full, an air mattress was blown up and the kids snuggled in for a movie. After the movie the mattress turned into a landing pad. All the kids were jumping off the couch and ottoman. Some how we managed to have no heads connect!

The finished boxes. Butterfly slept through the box decorating so PF did one for her.

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