Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homeschooling on the go

Today, my Ladybug was home from school. She is fine this morning but I am following the 24hour rule. I had an appointment to get my car clean out this morning. It was in horrible shape after a few trips this fall and last month. It has been so cold that we would just get home and run from the car to the house leaving most everything behind. We finally had a warm day and I cleaned out the rest of the stuff that remained from life spent in the car so now it was time to have the car really cleaned. It took two hours...yikes that says something! I came prepared for a wait and packed snacks and workbooks for the girls. Dragonfly had random preschool sheets and I worked with Ladybug on an English workbook. At school, she is working on beginning, middle and ending sounds plus blends. This workbook was perfect to reinforce that knowledge. She loved putting the stickers on each page as she finished....A GOLD STAR! She almost finished the book.

When we got home, I let the girls have a little free time while I prepared some rice for tonight's Chinese New Year fun!
Today was a great example of how flexible homeschooling can be and why I love it so much. Learning is a constant so no matter where you are you can find a teachable moment. I believe this is true for adults as well. Just because we graduated from school does not mean that God, our supreme teacher, is not constantly schooling us in our Christian walk. I am learning my lessons daily and even through the trials, I am still excited to see what God wants to teach me next.

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