Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No work today

I was in the middle of setting up Dragonfly's activities for today while she was watching Letter Factory, when I received a call from the school nurse saying that Ladybug was running a 102.7 fever. I went into the other room to grab Dragonfly and she was sacked out and running a fever as well. So we grabbed Ladybug from school and now they are both cozy in my bed enjoying snuggle/movie time with mommy. But here are the activities Dragonfly was going to do today.

Size hearts. Largest to smallest.

Heart toothpicks. I made these by putting a toothpick between to form sticker hearts. I saw on another blog that someone found plastic hearts on a stick but I haven't seen them at the store. I also figured I could make my own.

Heart graphing.

Covering the letter V with form sticker hearts. These are the Faith version. You will find phrases like Jesus Saves, Jesus Cares, God's love and so on.

My sick girls curled up in my bed watching a movie. Last week Butterfly was sick and now Ladybug is home from school. I am enjoying this one on two time with my girls even if they are sick.


Redneck Geologist said...

They look like they are sick. Poor girls!

Stephanie said...

hope they feel better quickly! Cute Valentine's Activities!