Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Kitchen

We stayed home today in case what is bothering Butterfly is contagious. After a few fevers and upset tummies this past week, I thought we better load up on some probiotics. Today we finished the second stage to our water kefir and tomorrow night the girls will be able to try it out.

The girls helping to prepare the water kefir.

We also got our sour dough starter...started. Later tonight I will need to add some more to it. Might be having some sour dough pancakes tomorrow or Tuesday morning. Can't remember how long we have to wait until the next phase. Sourdough is a new thing for me.

Heating milk for yogurt.

Yogurt ready to be heated for the next 7 hours. Can't wait to try some homemade yogurt.

To make space in the frig for the yogurt later. I decided it was a good idea to clean out the frig and cook us some lunch. I threw veggies on two baking sheets and roasted them for lunch. We had Cauliflower, rutabaga, asparagus and brussel sprouts over couscous. We also had some apples. I love roasted veggies!
I like breakfast this week is going to be delicious!

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