Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday for Dragonfly

Dragonfly enjoyed gymnastics this morning and then joining mommy at the gym for a workout. We did stop by the Sun Journal before going to the gym so Dragonfly now knows where the newspapers in our city come from.

Before we left for gymnastics, I set up Dragonfly's activities for when we returned. Today she worked on tracing letters and other lines. She refuses to hold the pencil/pen/marker the right way and for now I am letting it go.

Then she worked on scissors skills. She is improving each day.

She did really well with putting the clothespins on the cup. She was really listening a couple days ago when I instructed her on how to open them and was repeating to me today what I had said. I love that she was listening!

She was very proud that she got them all on.

Then she moved onto counting. This activity required her to pick a number and then put the correct number of snowflakes around Frosty.
I must have worked her so hard today because she took a nap!


Stephanie said...

how often/how many trays does Dragonfly do each day? Are these Oriental Trading trays? Cute activities :)

Chrysti said...

Some are oriental trading and some are from lakeshore. My goal is to do trays 3 times a week.