Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I got a call last night that school was out for today due to weather. It hadn't started snowing yet but it was to happen during the night. We woke up this morning to about an inch on the ground. The girls were thrilled that they didn't have to go to school and I was thrilled because I could get some stuff done with them at home. We started with breakfast and chores.

Then went on to Handwriting without Tears. Ladybug has a different opinion. We got through a few pages in this book and then they each read their AR books to me. AR is a comprehension program the school has set up, where the girls earn points for each book they test higher than an 80% on.

Dragonfly loved making letters with the blocks. I really need to read through the teacher's book before I start any real handwriting lessons with her. We just played around with the blocks today.

After lunch, we headed upstairs for Math-U-see lessons. Can you guess which one is absolutely thrilled to be watching a math lesson? This lesson was intended for Ladybug and Butterfly. We are working on the Alpha unit. Today we got through 4 lessons before we reach the point that Ladybug needs more work. She doesn't quite understand that zero added to a number doesn't cause the number to change. So she needs to review lesson 4 again but Butterfly can go on to the next lessons. I really want to try to keep Ladybug up with Butterfly so Ladybug is going to need some one on one time in the evenings to keep up.

Since the math lessons were too easy for PF, I assigned her a writing assignment. She loves to write so I thought this would be a good alternative activity. Today I was wrong. I think having snow on the ground made it hard to be excited about anything inside.

Building 157

Finally the schoolwork was done and the girls were suited up. Time to play outside! PF attempted to build and igloo. Not sure we had enough snow for that. The girls had fun sledding down the playground slide (on their bottoms). The 3 younger girls lasted 20mins. PF was out much longer. PF has really grown since last winter, she no longer fits into her snow boots and her snow pants are getting really small. After playing outside they came in for hot chocolate and a new movie sent to us by Auntie Laura. The movie was Heidi but all the actors were dogs....hilarious! It was perfect for our quiet time today.

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Redneck Geologist said...

I am glad you liked the movie. Why do the goats keep looking in the windows?