Friday, January 7, 2011

Dragonfly Preschool: Winter

I had decided last month to do a winter theme for January and use a lot of snowmen things that I had on hand. I have found so many cool print out and ideas for this month. Most of the print outs I used today came from this blog. She puts together wonderful themed packs! Today we went over the letter "W". I don't have do-a-dots so we used stamps instead. The girls got a bunch of circular stamps from a Christmas party, so this is a great way to use them.

Then we practiced matching by playing winter dominoes while drinking our smoothie snack.

A fellow blogger gave me some great ideas for preparing Dragonfly for using scissors. She suggested working on strengthening the muscles in her hand. For this activity, Dragonfly was doing just that as she squeezed the correct number of clothespins onto each snowman.

Lining up the correct number of snowman for each number.

The doorbell rang in the middle of it all and sure enough the scissors with open assistance that I ordered for Dragonfly were delivered. So I quickly got some strips of paper and dragonfly cut some snowflakes. She did so well today. These scissors made all the difference. Dragonfly was getting frustrate before that she couldn't open the scissors back up but wasn't struggling with the rest of the process of cutting. Now the frustration has been eliminated!

Putting the correct number of marshmallows into the hot chocolate.

Reward.....eating the marshmallows.

Making snowflakes out of playdough.
Dragonfly did wonderful today with all of her activities. She is really getting better about pointing and counting each object instead of touching everything while counting really fast and the numbers not matching up. We had some great discussions about winter while we worked on each activity such as what do we wear during the winter, what starts with "w", what does it feel like in the winter, and what kinds of fun activities can we do in the snow.


Stephanie said...

I like the idea of making snowflakes with the cookie cutter and playdoh :)

Michelle said...

Looks like you had heaps of fun - I love the gettling ready for scissors activities! Thanks soi much for linking to me :-)