Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My girls in August.

We are halfway through the school year! I like to remeasure my girls at this time to see how much they have changed since August.

Aug 67lbs and 4'5ft
Jan 64lbs and 4'6ft

Aug 45lbs and 3'9ft
Jan 47lbs and 4ft

Aug 39lbs and 3'6ft
Jan 41lbs and 3'7 1/2ft

Aug 29lbs and 3ft
Jan 35lbs and 3'3ft
So, we have had some big changes since August! This is going to be shocking to people who haven't seen them since then. Butterfly and Dragonfly are very much alike and I find it hilarious that they both grew 3inches. I also think that PF and Ladybug favor each other a lot too and they both grew right at an inch. It is also fun to see how much their hair has grown since the first day of school.
I love watching my girls grow and it is exciting to see what each new day brings us. They fill my life with so much joy!


ksjones83 said...

I miss those beautiful faces!!!

Redneck Geologist said...

They sure grow up fast. Make them stop!