Monday, January 24, 2011


We are working on eating healthier and by that I mean cleaner and more natural food. As it is sometimes termed whole food. We have done away with many processed foods and snacks. My goal is to totally rid of children's systems of processed sugar but this is challenging when the school they are attending provides them with a ridiculous about a sugary treats. I have control over breakfast, lunch and dinner for now. I have been concentrating a lot on making their lunches packed full of good foods. I would love any suggests of easily packable lunch items that I can add to what we have right now. I think having a rotation makes things interesting and fun. I also want to expose my children to many different foods so they will be aware of what God has provided for us.
These are the lunch containers I am using right now and their lunches for today:

Ladybug: Carrot stick, Prune, String Cheese, Freeze dried snap peas, peanuts and raisins.

Butterfly: Sweet Potato fries (baked with honey and cinnamon), prune, String cheese, potato wedges and tomatoes.

PF: Homemade granola bars, prune, string cheese, freeze dried snap peas and carrot sticks.

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