Friday, January 28, 2011

Dragonfly Preschool

This week has been jam packed. Dragonfly has experienced many practical life experiences and lessons this week. This is the last week we will be using our winter theme. I look forward to the hearts and love of February. I pulled out a new preschool workbook and Dragonfly completed several pages from it. This week we discussed Shapes, Numbers, Letters and their sounds, Opposites, Bigger and Smaller, and handwriting. On Thursday, I took Dragonfly to the pool at the Y and gave her some lessons in swimming. She had such a good time and I loved listening to her laugh!

Tracing letters

Butterfly home sick from school joins us in table time.

Counting the stars on the belly and matching the proper hat for each snowman.

This picture is for Ms. Kim. Dragonfly is saying "tada"!

Dragonfly was very interested in helping to cook this week. She helped take the ends off of the green beans and then I caught her eating them as she worked.

She helped keep an eye on the cookies. We made a new recipe and they were delicious. I actually think the batter is better raw. Since the batter does not have eggs in it, the batter is perfectly fine to eat.
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
1c regular oatmeal
1c Oat flour
1c Natural Nut Butter (we used peanut butter)
1/2c Homemade applesauce
1/3c Honey
1/2c raisins
1tsp cinnamon
Mix all together and bake at 350 for 10-12 mins.
Making salads.
Puzzles with sisters.
Counting out the correct number of snowflakes.
Playdough letters.
"Mom, this words is IS." I guess she has really been paying attention to her sister's sight words.


Playing dress-up with her friend. Her friend has a little baby sister. We also visited another sweet new baby. Dragonfly is learning so much about little babies. She wants nothing to do with the babies but loves to care for her baby dolls when we get home. There are also a lot of pregnant moms and Dragonfly has started walking around with her baby under her shirt.


Lone Butterfly said...

That is adorable! I can't wait for GO to start gymnastics, and I really want the boys to get to go back for at least 6 months or so - to see if they like it still.

The baby thing is cute. I wish ya'll lived closer!

Chrysti said...

Sell your house and move up here. I am sure your hubby can find a job. It would be a blast. I would love to watch GO doing gymnastics! I miss not being able to go to the boys boyscout events. Those are things I think I will only be able to experience with them.
We will see where the Lord takes us!

ksjones83 said...

Dragonfly is a little girl after my own heart! She is so precious. I miss all your kiddos! My girls talk about your kiddos more and more lately. They still call them their best friends. :) I love it!

Redneck Geologist said...

Love the pjs!