Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Review of Tangled

Tonight, we went to see the movie Tangled. It was such a cute movie. Upon returning home I handed two of my girls blank papers to make a picture on and writing paper to write a review or summary of the movie. Above are two of Butterfly's drawings.
Once in a beautiful kingdom the queen was to have a baby child. But the
queen was sick. The flower healed the queen. And the queen had a baby child.
In the middle of the night mother Gothel took the princess. She was locked in a tower for
18 (love the way she wrote it)long years. She saw the lanterns every night if it was her birthday. She wanted

to go outside but mother Gothel didn't let Rapunzel. So Rapunzel left the tower herself. by: Butterfly

These are Ladybug's drawings.

A beautiful flower grew. The queen was to have a baby girl. Mother Gothel took the baby girl. She locked her in a tower. by: Ladybug

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