Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Last Day

So today was the last day that all my girls were home with me. I have very much enjoyed our winter break and wish it could be longer. But only 22 weeks until we are finished with our one year public school experience. (21 weeks if you take out spring break) I think we are all ready to get back to normal and for us that is homeschooling. Over the break, we talked a lot about it and the girls just got more and more excited to know that I was going to be their teacher forever. They can't wait. I pray this attitude continues in June. But if today was an indication of the years to come then I think we will be just fine.

I still wanted to fit in Dragonfly's preschool trays today so I just decided to adapt a few so the older girls could join in and get something out of it too.

This tray had a stack of numbers, a pin, paper and a stamp. Object of this tray was to pick a number, write the number, and then put the correct number of stamps next to the number. For dragonfly, I sat and counted with her or she would have just put stamps all over the page. I let her do this after we went through a few numbers first.

The writing tray. The older girls wrote short stories about our snowman friend. Dragonfly just made a picture.

My girls love these porcupine figures so I got them out for Dragonfly to sort and the other girls created all kinds of ways to entertain themselves with these.

They all love playdough. Aunt KiKi got them each some cookie cutters for Christmas which came in handy for our playdough time today.

I found some snowflake tongs at Hobby Lobby while in GA and had to have them for my snow box. They were the most popular tool to use today with the box. Butterfly had the best time with the sensory box and I had to set a time for her or she would have never rotated to something different.
Dragonfly did a great job sharing her table set up with her sisters. This is the first time that I have done the table set up with all of them. It is my hope to have one for each morning to get everyone's brain charging so I was pleased to see how well it worked with all of them today.


Lone Butterfly said...

I love this idea - I'm struggling to get back in the grove after Christmas, and I hope that next Monday I'll be able to start FULL FORCE into the Spring/Summer.

I got a great email today telling me that B10's math and both boys' Science curriculum had shipped! :D

Redneck Geologist said...

You are doing such a good job!

Chrysti said...
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Chrysti said...

I just finished ordering everything I need to get the girls started when they are finished with school in June. Not sure if we will start right away or take a week off. I am so excited when new curriculum arrives. Should be here soon which will give me plenty of time for planning!!!!!