Saturday, January 8, 2011

Upward Cheerleading

Although my girls are in school this year, I am still looking for opportunities for them to get in some P.E. time. This is especially true in the winter when the time they play outside decreases drastically. Well being way out on the east coast it gets dark here shortly after 5pm and they get off the bus alittle after 3pm. Generally the sun is already setting and clouds are covering what sun we have left. This being said none of us want to be outside in the cold moving around, so I find them indoor activities during the winter to keep them moving. This year we are fortunate enough to be able to participate in Upward Cheerleading for free. My girls have never cheerleaded before but are really enjoying it. Oh and for those who ask the question about socialization, well here's a way we can accomplish that as well.

Today was their first game to cheer for. They have had a few Monday night practices leading up to this game.

Ladybug was nice and loud. This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows her.

Dragonfly even got out on the floor at one point and did the cheer with them.

Butterfly wasn't loud but she sure can move. I didn't get the best shot of her doing the cheer but she can really move her hips.

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Lone Butterfly said...

As a former cheerleader/cheerleading coach - you KNOW I'm happy about this! They look so adorable in their outfits and with their pompoms!