Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Science: Astronomy

Today, we opened our science book for the first time for this year. We are starting with apologia astronomy. So many people raved about apologia and after looking through my sister-in-law's books, I knew this was the right program for us. I absolutely love science so most curriculums work just fine for me but this curriculum will work so much better for my girls. I love the notebooks and how easy it is for them to follow along and everything we need is right there. We completed the written and reading work for lesson one today. The project will have to wait for later or it might get done tonight after dinner. I am surprised how much I learned this afternoon or relearned. Another great part about teaching my kids is that I am learning too. I have wondered what the purpose of the other planets are and I don't remember learning much about astronomy in school. Well today I learned that the purpose is to keep the earth from rocking back and forth as it travels around the sun. The planet have a certain amount of gravitational pull on the earth which balances out the suns pull. Just thought that was pretty cool. Another bit of evidence (not that I needed anything more) that this universe was created and didn't explode into existence or happen by chance.

The girls created Mnemonic phrases to remember the planets. Here's what they came up with:

1. Molly Victoria Emerson Made Jelly Saturday Under Nutty Popcorn

2. Miss Valley's Early Mornings Joyfully Start Under Neat Pillows.

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Ticia said...

We're using Apologia too. I LOVE it, only this year we're using swimming creatures, so I look forward to seeing what you do with Astronomy because I'm sure we'll be doing that at some point soon.