Thursday, June 2, 2011

Across the Ivory Keys

     This evening, I had the pleasure of watching two of our
     daughters perform two piano pieces each for their first
   recital. For just over seven months, PF and Butterfly
     have been practicing both at Fuller's Music Store and
          at home. Tonight was their first opportunity to showcase
  their hard work in front of a live audience; they did
                                         a great job!                          
          The piano faced away from the audience, which I'm sure
               reduced the nervousness of all the performers! 
    For the most part, Dragonfly sat quietly
            to my right and then walked over next to me
           when I stood up to video tape Butterfly and
    Ladybug sat on my left and really enjoyed
     watching her sisters perform. She also had
6 months of piano lessons this year but took
a break for the month of May and
therefore did not have the opportunity
to participate in the recital.
     PF at the helm. She really enjoys playing
          and skillfully pushed through one slight error
          in an otherwise flawless performance.
                              Butterfly was one cool customer. I was very impressed.                                                  
       Of course Dragonfly had to have her taken at the piano too!

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