Monday, June 6, 2011

PF's Award Ceremony

 PF received special recognition today for all her hard work this year. The award ceremony was a proud moment for us. We have been watching our little girl grow up so much this year. She has performed wonderfully in school despite the adjustments and obstacles she had to overcome. This being her first and only year in public school, she had to learn what was common knowledge for her classmates that had had 5 years under their belt. PF was fortunate to have an amazing teacher this year who made sure to guide her along. PF amazed her with her creative writing, love for reading and eagerness to learn.
 Out of the 4 awards given out today, PF received two. The Principal's Award for all A's this 9 weeks and the Awesome Artist Award. She was so excited that she was one of six 5th graders to receive the awesome artist award. These awards perfectly represent who our daughter is....a highly motivated, intelligent, and creative child! Hubby and I both smiled when they were calling the names for the highest achievers in physical fitness. Our daughter does not enjoy sports or pushing herself physically we would have been shocked if she received that award. The last award given out was for perfect attendance....PF also did not receive this award because she played hooky one day to spend with her daddy....well worth it!
 We celebrated afterwards with cake. I thought it looked awesome!
Dragonfly was excited to join PF for a piece of cake and talk about important matters.....who was more cute!


kimsjones said...

Love her! She is so amazing. Tell her I said congratulations on her awards and congratulations on getting through yet another year with flying colors! Love you all!

zendra said...

Congratulations to PF on a year well done. She is similar to Syd in the no love of physical activities, love of reading and the creative writing. No wonder they enjoyed each others company