Monday, June 13, 2011

A Glimpse of Day One

Our "Summer Break" lasted the weekend. We had a fantastic weekend but it was back to business this morning. We have found that year round schooling works much better for us. We enjoy taking random breaks throughout the year for either vacations or just simply because we all need a day off.

We started the morning off with a praise and worship DVD. The girls enjoy singing and moving while they are worshiping. It's a great motivation for the day. I then went over how this year was going to run and went over some rules. There are basically two parts to our mornings, table time with mom and centers. Table time is where I go over spelling, reading, flashcards and math with each girl individually. I am hoping to get this time right at an hour for each. Some were faster and some were slower today. The centers are all independent work. Today's centers included writing journal, handwriting, file folder games, coloring, magnet poetry, busy bugs, worksheets, piano, and free drawing on the white board. Some of these centers will change daily.

They all worked very hard and all but PF got her morning work done by noon. I can already see where PF's schedule will have to be adjusted since her workload is heavier. Now everyone is resting quietly before we start our afternoon which includes Chinese and My Father's World curriculum. It's a full day!

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