Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of the Year Parties!

 This has been a busy week for me as I have been helping with the girls' end of year parties. Ladybug's was on Tuesday. They had a carnival theme.
 I help with the "duck game". There wasn't much to do other than make sure the kids only took one prize.

 Wednesday was Butterfly's Luau party. Dragonfly and I had so much fun with her party and being with her class. Butterfly's teacher is a mother of four as well and I have enjoyed her so much. She has been very understanding with everything we have gone through this year and truly cares about Butterfly.

 Butterfly's Mickey Mouse.
 Showing off her baby sister to her friends.
 REady for the party.
 Butterfly's best friend!
 Dragonfly was given sunglasses and a lei as well
 Dragonfly's request....a cat with an orange body.

 PF's party was today. They didn't have a theme but instead had pizza and a water balloon fight. It was so hot that the kids looked so drained. PF's class went inside before the party was over.
PF and her best friend. I think we are just drawn to really tall best friends. After PF's party, some of her classmates put on a slide show of photos of the year. I loved seeing what PF got to do all year and the pictures of her were so great. Then all the 5th grades walked the halls and were given high 5s by all the lower classmen.

I loved having this time with them and so happy there is only one day remaining!!!!


Rebecca said...

I am pretty sure your kids friends are normal height...and y'all are just really short :) jk

Tracy said...

Ok I am so laughing at the height differences! LOL The parties looked like fun.