Friday, June 17, 2011

Roanoke Island

 Our next stop was the cute little town of Manteo on Roanoke Island. We were all very hungry so having lunch was a top priority. The Magnolia Grille looked like a fun place with outside dining.

We had to get a photo in this chair first!
After lunch, which was fabulous (veggie sandwich and fruit for me), we walked over a small bridge to the Adventure Museum.

 Learning about how the Native Americans of this area grew their crops. I thought it was fascinating that in each section they grew a corn plant with beans and squash. The beans fixed the nitrogen in the soil and the squash killed the weeds, both plants allowed for the corn crop to thrive and they harvested twice as many crops. PF is using their hoe which was a long stick with a conch shell tied to the end.
 Learning about how they make clay pots for cooking and other uses.
 Dancing circle.
 We toured the Queen Elizabeth II. So glad I didn't come to America on one of these ships. It was pretty small and so many people traveled together for such a long time.
 The Captain's quarters....didn't realize Ladybug crossed the ropes until after the picture.
 Learning how to make a table leg.
 Trying on was soooooo heavy!

 Making a wooden nail.
 Trying on clothes the first settlers would have worn.

 The indoor museum showed the history of the area from the Native Americans to what the area is like today using interactive fun displays.

 I love this girls bathing suit. I would love to have been at the beach when people worn suits like this.
 Weighing fruits and veggies.
 Right outside the building there was a fossil dig. The girls found a couple really neat fossils and a couple shark teeth.
After a busy afternoon, we decided ice cream was in order. Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

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