Friday, June 17, 2011

One week down

We had a great first week. I am slightly surprised there weren't more issues to work out but I know I haven't seen everything yet. I made several adjustments to the way I run our morning work and we were able to get done with everything much quicker yesterday.

Now my biggest challenge is still fitting in the one on one time with Dragonfly. This week, I have just allowed her to bounce around to each of the centers while I worked on subjects with the other three girls. She is really into spelling right now and loves to write the letters of each word as I spell them to her. I think it is really cute.

Next week won't be as intense since we have a visitor and PF has an art camp this week. I am really excited to see what she accomplishes and learns this week. So this coming week will have many more life skills and travel lessons! These lessons are very important as well and something I really enjoy doing with the girls whenever we get the chance!

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