Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Science and History of Flight

We started our day at Jockey's Ridge State Park.
This park has the highest sand dune on the east coast. I believe I read it was 100 ft above sea level at the highest point. This view gives you a glimpse of the path we took. The short hill between the trees was very steep!

We went to these dunes, one to see them and two it is the best spot to fly kites! The wind on top of this dune was almost constant and little effort had to be made to get the kite up in the air. Butterfly went on and on about the fact that this was the best day because she has never flown a kite before.
PF worked hard to figure out how to get this kite to fly. She finally successfully got the kite up after playing around with it for awhile.
Everyone took a turn with the kite that Grammy brought.
After flying kites, we got in some P.E. by running up and down the dunes. I joined in on this! So much harder then it looked.
We got back to the car and took a quick snack break.

Then we headed over to the Wright Brothers Museum. So sad that hubby couldn't be with us.
The Wright brother's memorial on Kill Devil Hill.

The view from the hill. This is where the first flight took place. In the Museum, there was a full life model of what the brothers flew on Dec 17, 1903. Their 4 successful flights are marked out on this lawn. The museum guide gave a great recount of the events leading up to the first flight.

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