Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Stops Along the Way!

 I love to make Fridays, fun days and this is no different while we are homeschooling. This week, my mom is here so we decided to head for the Outer Banks. Along the way, we heard "I need to go potty." I tend to hear this often with 4 girls. Luckily a rest area appeared within miles and we pulled off to find that there was also a nature trail.
 The nature trail was on a boardwalk that ran alongside the river and a small creek that flows into the river. We saw soooo many dragonflies, interesting flies that were attracted to my legs, and some plants we hadn't seen before.
 There was an observation area that made for a great picture spot.
 I thought these leaves were really cool. Not sure if this pattern was a true part of the plant or caused by something else.

 Can you find the dragonfly in this picture?
I really liked these white balls.

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