Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Themed Fun

Today was the perfect afternoon to do some of the 4th of July activities I have been dog earring this past month and a few I have saved from years past. I love how I have a plan written out for the afternoon and we always created more. Love my little creative girls.

Tracing stars for a fun banner for the room.

This was a great activity for tracing, cutting and coloring.

Sorting M&Ms. Blue in one bowl and Red in the other. This activity was great for Dragonfly. I loved that she was crossing the midline without even being asked.

Firework Pencils and covers for July writing journals.

PF's creative juices were flowing.

Making spinners. This activity I found on The round piece of paper they are decorating gets glued to a cd. Add a water bottle cap to the top and a marble to the bottom and spin away.

Journal covers.

4th of July bracelets. Practicing patterns.

Rockets. These can be used for party favors. We are just making them to give to friends. These rockets were in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living. The pattern is on her website. We filled the rockets with mints.

Snack time! White chocolate covered strawberries with blue sprinkles.

Remember the M&Ms Dragonfly was sorting, well we used them for our red, white and blue popcorn. YUMMY!

My personal craft fun was making 4th of July bows. Can't wait to dress the girls up over the long weekend and use the bows I have made for this year.

I made a whole box full to sell. Comment if you are interested.


Chrysti said...

Email me at if you are interested in the bows. They are $3 each. A dollar more for shipping. I have other colors as well.

TheRockerMom said...

I love your activities!! I'm starting to regret that we didn't do any 4th of July activities.

I guess I've still got a few days, huh? :)