Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Box

Snow themed sensory discovery box.
I have found two blogs lately that I really like. Both of these blogs have pictures of these incredible sensory boxes with all kinds of themes and materials. Dragonfly loves these kind of activities....the ones where she can just explore and create her own thing. So I decided to go ahead and get one ready for January which is when I want to start a regular program with Dragonfly. Well she couldn't wait until then and started playing with the box as I was adding things to it. I have several things around the house that will work great for my first box and I have a bag full of stuff to use for future boxes. I spent awhile this morning going through the whole house looking for little toys and similar items to use for these boxes.

I have decided to call mine sensory discovery boxes because I think the boxes will take care of the girls sensory needs plus they will be discovering all the little hidden things I add to the box as well. I also thought about making Eye Spy Cards to go with each box that way it adds alittle more for my older girls.

The first one I am putting together is a snow theme.
Items in the box (so far):
-cotton balls
-white pom poms
-foil balls
-New Year's confetti
-white streamers
-silver beads
-white and silver stones
-a couple snow themed toys (one makes noise and one is a tiny snow globe)
-Large silver ball
-small stuff bear with a snow hat

I am hoping to find foam snowflakes to add and maybe a few more snow themed toys.

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Susan Gilchrist said...

It is SO AWESOME that you are so aware of your kids sensory needs! I'm a special ed teacher and it's SO rare that people are even aware of how ALL kids can benefit from sensory stimulation! Yay!