Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

We had a few friends over to make gingerbread houses with us. I had a bunch of candy leftover from PF's birthday and wanted to use it up and get it out of my house. We are striving for a low sugar diet and having candy around doesn't help. The girls also bring a bunch of candy home from school weekly. So I thought why not do something fun with it before I throw it out.

Some gingerbread sandwiches being constructed.

PF made a house boat.

Dragonfly started to just pile the candy on her plate. The girls ended up consuming alot of the candy in the process of creating which didn't surprise me. My two youngest girls were bouncing off the walls hours after I put them to bed......oh this is why sugar is being eliminated from my house. After hour two of them jumping on the beds and not settling down, I went into the kitchen and threw away all of their houses so they wouldn't be tempted to eat them the next day.

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