Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Activities

Mitten match-up
Letter tracing

Snowflake pretzel transfer with tongs

Pony Bead threading
Stocking color match
Pretzel sorting

Dragonfly was eager to get started this morning and chose to start with the stocking file folder game. All my girls love file folder games so I am constantly making more. I found the winter themed pretzels while I was grabbing a few things at the store last night and thought they would be really fun to do a few activities with. Plus Dragonfly's snack is built right into her activities this morning.


Beach Girl said...

I love your blog! You have so many cute ideas!
Where did you find the star and bell shaped pretzels? Those would be perfect for making chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas gifts. :).....and oh where did you get your tot trays from?

Chrysti said...

Beach girl I can't find where to comment on your blog so hopefully you check back here. The pretzels are at Walmart and were great to use in Christmas goodies this year. The smaller trays I ordered from Oriental Trade and the large trays I have came from Lakeshore. The large bean bucket I got from Ikea and my girls have loved having a big box to get into. All our friends that come over love it too! I am really enjoying your blog too!

Beach Girl said...

I deleted the comment box at one point because the linkwithin widget was messing it up and low and behold now I can't get the comment box to show back up :( Computers and html baffle me LOL
Thanks for replying :)

Chrysti said...

I have that kind of luck with computers too.