Monday, December 6, 2010

Sensory Discovery boxes

Snow Themed

Christmas baking themed
I finished up the snow themed one minus some foam snowflakes that I would like to find and add. I was talking to my good friend about these boxes and she told me about one she made with flour. What a great idea so I copied :) The Christmas Baking one is flour with hidden red and green chocolates in it. I also added spices for smelling and sprinkles to make noise. I put in red and green spoons for searching for the chocolate and transferring the chocolate to the cupcake holders. For extra fun I added in a candy cane for digging. This box will probably be pretty messy but a lot of fun.

In case you are wondering why I am doing these boxes:
I have two girls with sensory processing disorder. They both display it in different areas and a few similar areas. They both need help with fine and gross motor skills as well. These boxes provide a fun way to provide therapy to them. We decided when we moved away from our last therapist to really try to incorporate therapy into our home and not take them to a therapist. I have become more familiar with my girls needs and how to help them overcome their weaknesses. I also have a good friend experiencing the same thing and still going to a therapist, who provides me with some extra tips.

For my other two girls who seem to be functioning without any sensory problems, these activities are just fun for them and a good change to the regular schedule. I think sensory activities are really beneficial to everyone.

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