Friday, December 17, 2010


Dragonfly has been begging to use scissors. She struggles with all motor skills so I wasn't sure I wanted to try scissors yet. I was picturing other things being cut instead of the paper like clothes, hair or herself. But I decided to show her how and I used scrap paper and stickers. I intend for her to cut each sticker into its own square but I soon realized that wasn't going to work for today.

I showed her the proper way to hold the scissors. Her poor hands are so tiny she can't open the scissors all that wide but she was pretty content with what she was capable of doing. This was a big relief to me because I thought she would get really frustrated.

Then she started using the scissors like this but was actually able to open them up more so I figured for now that will work. She didn't manage to cut all the way through the paper but made a nice fringe. The little pieces that did get cut off she said were the snowflakes.


Stephanie said...

I want to do a blog post on cutting/scissor skills soon. It seems like such a simple concept to teach until you realize you are teaching it to a child who like you said wants to cut EVERYTHING! One idea that I did find that was great was to cut playdoh.

Stephanie said...

Okay so you inspired me to make a blog post on scissor skills LOL...I just didn't mean to stay up until 1 am writing it LOL! I hope it helps :)