Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dragonfly Preschool

This week has been busy as we prepare for Christmas. Mondays Dragonfly goes with me to MOPS and enjoys the play/preschool group there. Ms. Joan is so sweet and does the best little activities with the kids. This past Monday Dragonfly did a candy cane project and they discussed how Jesus is represented in the candy cane. I will post more on that tomorrow. Tuesday, I helped with Ladybugs class so Dragonfly had one of my friends with her for an hour. When I got back I opened a new manipulative for her and she explored that while I scrap booked with my friend that was over. I haven't scrap booked in almost 2 years so I have a lot to catch up on. Dragonfly also got to see how a lot of my scrap booking tools worked and played with stamps.
Wednesday is gymnastics for Dragonfly. She did so well this week paying attention and following directions. Last night when we got home from piano practice and church, my order from oriental trade was on my doorstep.

I ordered snowflakes for my snow box so now my box is complete!!!! I love the way it looks with all the blue and white.

I also ordered more trays. These are smaller than the other ones I have and will work really well for a lot of Dragonfly's activities. She really likes the snowman pencil grips. I have no intention of using them as pencil grips. They have holes through them so we will use them for stringing and they are different colors so we can do patterns and sorting as well.

Here is her table set-up for today. 1.Glitter snow play dough with snowflake cookie cutter. 2. big and small snowman print out. 3. jingle bell containers with snowman pencil grips. 4. button sun. 5.counting and sorting bears(her favorite). 6. Snow box.
She has yet to enjoy the button sun activity but I am hoping she will like it eventually.


ksjones83 said...

You are so awesome! I have yet to do the stations with Nattie but maybe I can start that at the first of the year. Dragonfly is so cute! I miss her!

Tam said...

love how you set up the trays around the table! great idea :)

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Love the trays. Where do you get them? What fun activities and I love the blue and white in the sensory bin!

Chrysti said...

The trays are from oriental trading and lakeshore. The ones from lakeshore are bigger and come in a set of four. Oriental's are smaller and come in a set of six.