Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prep Work

Life seems to always be go go go. I like to stay busy but I don't want to be busy anymore with worthless things but profitable things. I finally had a day to be home so I made a list of a bunch of things that I needed to get done.

I have been seeing a lot of button activities so I decided to make a sun because I need alittle sunshine right now.

PF helped me by making gift bags for their teachers' gifts.

Dragonfly helped with the chocolate...well just with licking the spoon clean when I was done.
A button sorting activities to keep Dragonfly busy.

Making glitter playdough.

Colored rice.
I ended up getting alot done and it felt so good to get this stuff done. Plus I did our Christmas cards which took the longest out of everything. And there is still so much more to get done. A mommy's job is never ending which is a really good thing.


ksjones83 said...

I know I've learned how to color rice before but would you mind putting that on here so I know forever... maybe I'll save it this time so I don't have to ask again... then again, maybe not ;) Thanks! Love that you are doing some of the same things as I am... well me mostly copying you! haha.

Stephanie said...

how do you color the rice? I just bought food coloring today to do that but I thought I read some people use watercolor or something.

Chrysti said...

I think the rice is so easy and this is the first time I have made it. All you need is the rice, plastic bags, newspaper, food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Put the rice, food coloring and a splash of alcohol in the bag. Shack until the rice is coated. Then let it sit overnight (I heard this help the dying process). Then in the morning spread out on newspaper to let the alcohol evaporate. I put the rice back into the bag I dyed them in. I am really excited to use them!