Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Teaching Reading

This is the book that Butterfly and Ladybug are using to learn to read. The lessons involve sounding out letters which are introduced slowly. Butterfly is only working with 10 letters after 19 lessons. After saying each of the sounds you move onto rhyming, sounding out words and then reading short stories. After the stories, there are reading comprehension questions which are based off of the short sentence read and the picture that goes with it. Ladybug just had her first story and picture today. She had a much different opinion of the picture than Butterfly. It is cool to see how different they think.

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Luv2bhsmama said...

How is ladybug doing with the rhyming? Tiger didn't get it at first, Flamingo got it right away (big surprise) and HM doesn't get it yet. He has been off and on with his desire to do reading lessons so I am hoping next time we are on he will get the rhyming part.