Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Princess Flower's Schedule

For right now (we change depending on the particular area we are focusing on) Princess Flower's schedule looks like this:
8:00am- breakfast, get dressed, calendar time and devotion.
9:00am- Start schoolwork to include:
Bible Study lesson
Math worksheet
Daily worksheet (a review of Lang. Arts & math skills from last year)
Journal writing or writing bug
Spelling words (dictionary, sentences or stories using spelling words)
Read a chapter of the current American Girl Book
Pilgrims comprehension reading (one story about pilgrims and answer questions)
Read about one President (From a book on Presidents.)
Piano practice
11:30- Lunch and chores
12:30- Playground or Free play
1:30- Grammar lesson and review Chinese
2:30- 1 hour of free reading

If time permits we watch a Science or History documentary. For right now we have a heavy focus on History. Some days we have other little things we add in or take out.

On Mondays she has piano lessons, Tuesdays she usually has Chinese lessons (some weeks it is moved to other days) and Wednesday nights kid's class at church. Fridays we take it easy. If she has work she didn't get done on the other 4 days she does it then. We also have fun projects, mostly art related, or play games. This is the day that I use to add in other activities to reinforce what we are already learning.

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Dana said...

Thanks for sharing. I get so set in my ideas of what Homeschooling should be. It's nice to see how others do things. James would benfit from a different approach. It's something to think about. Your school looks fun. I've often wondered how he would do with other methods.