Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She Did It!!!!

Butterfly has finished her preschool curriculum book........way ahead of schedule. I was hoping for it to last until the first of the year. I had already decided to order Abeka K curriculum to start with her the first of the year. We will still wait to start Kindergarten until the first of the year so in the mean time we will focus on Reading lessons and reinforcement worksheets.
Butterfly was so excited to complete her book. We started work on this book at the beginning of last school year. We worked 2-3 days a week until the past two weeks when she has wanted to work on some everyday. She wanted to do alot more than usual too and would finish ten or more pages a day. Hence why we were done ahead of schedule.
Just another reason I love being able to work at my own kids pace!


Redneck Geologist said...

Great job Butterfly!!! I am proud of you!!!

Luv2bhsmama said...

Way to go Butterfly!!